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At a presentation entitled Travelogue” (British English for travelog”) Sean Lehnhardt-Moore's sophomore outing for Belstaff was, without question, filled with fly-looking outerwear. We have now explored the Belstaff archives and located some really nice items, like an all-climate parka and anorak that Belstaff designed for the British Navy. This inspired us to have a look at sailors and imagine their world on the docklands of London, there we discovered great inspiration in the edginess of my imagined sailors life. It is not in regards to the preppiness of the navy, I am extra interested in the sailors, the docklands, east London. More interested in the edginess that the sailors had about them.

The Collection The key colours are navy and dark indigo, after all, though there's also a presence of silver and olive, and the key cloth is wool Melton. An extended military-model double-breasted woollen trench coat (the Milford) has officer class, whereas a p-coat in the same model (the Naval P-Coat) is extra casual. The thick-ribbed woollen Marine Roll Neck in navy with contrasting rib patterns is the proper accompaniment to those. The Indigo Racemaster and Indigo Trialmaster jackets characterize two iconic Belstaff motor- cycle jacket styles reimagined in rinsed, dark denim bringing them proper up-to-date. A hybrid navy blue technical jacket combines nylon and wool Melton, fusing previous codes with fashionable ones, offering a shearling trimmed hooded version for girls.

All Morgan cars are hand-built, but for this explicit mannequin, conceived as a celebration of the corporate's 107th anniversary, the sportscar maker has enlisted the assistance of storied British department store and trend retailer Selfridges.