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At this time the dilapidated mosque turned the centre around which Sai Baba's life revolved. Inside, Sai Baba built a dhuni, that's, a sacred wooden-hearth which he saved perpetually burning. Sai Baba is described as sitting in front of the fire, going through the south, conserving his left hand on a picket help, a typical assist utilized by Indian ascetics. The local villagers reported seeing him sitting in entrance of the fireplace for hours. From the dhuni he would draw the sacred ash (udi) which had therapeutic energy. Sai Baba no longer used herbs or concoctions for therapeutic requests. Inside the masjid was a large, flat stone on which Sai Baba would sit for hours in his typical posture, his proper arm resting on his right thigh or lap, the foot or the ankle on the other knee, and the head slightly inclined in an perspective of contemplation or reflection. The left hand lies on the foot or the ankle of the crossed leg.

The unique Birkenstock contoured footbed was invented and manufactured in Germany by Konrad Birkenstock in 1897. The truth is, the Birkenstock household has been making footwear for over 230 years - greater than two centuries of creating and perfecting a tradition of strolling comfort.