Do I Need to Overhaul My Gucci Watches?

If you own one of the quartz Gucci watches, do you need to overhaul it? Well, the answer is in the watch. If your timepiece is suddenly stopping and starting on its own or if you are running through batteries, very quickly, it is most likely time for a complete overhaul. Overhauling a watch can be very cost effective and will certainly extend the life of your quartz watch, but what does an overhaul entail? Let's look over why you may need an overhaul on your quartz watch and how much you could expect to pay:

1. Quartz watches are battery operated, but if yours seems to be running the batteries down, too soon, you may need an overhaul. As a matter of fact, any time your watch behaves in an unpredictable manner, it may need some extra attention, i.e. an overhaul.

2. Always take your quartz timepiece to a professional, for this procedure. Having repairs performed by authorized service technicians ensures quality and preserves your warranty.

3. When your watch is overhauled, it will be taken apart and inspected, for signs of damage. It will be thoroughly cleaned, to remove any build-up, which may be on the movement, and it will be repaired, if needed. A general overhaul of a quartz watch will run you from $70.00 to $90.00, but this does not include replacement parts.

If the watch is valuable to you, an overhaul is definitely worth the money, and will allow you to enjoy your watch longer.