Bags Definitely Mirror Women's Characters

Women love bags, which is the constant consensus. In women's eyes, bags are always lovely, sexy and charming, youthful, mature and elegant. Women's attitude towards handbags has no much difference from the attitude of men towards women. Both of them are never satisfied with what they owned.

Women do not want to wear the clothing after wearing it for several times. But handbags are quite different from clothing because handbags have the value of collection. Bags bought years ago can be also carried today. So women will never cold-shoulder to bags that they owned. And they just want to have many more handbags added to their wardrobes.

It seems any styles including casual, elegant, sporty, lady, modern, national, luxurious or quaint etc. can cater to the needs and appetites of women. From the large ones to the mini items, there is no one that women dislike and avoid. Perhaps because bags are filled with woman's secrets, women and bags are always together. Therefore, handbags often reveal women's characters. Backpacks are the big favorite of students. They are pure and young. For them, maybe simplicity is the best.

There are many large bags which are without any compartment inside. They can be easily worn on the shoulder and anything can fill in them. People who wear such kind of bags are always undisciplined and individual. Freedom is the forever dream in their hearts. The little bags are quite different. The smaller bags call for the higher requirements of color and style. And not every woman is suitable to wear the little bags. In a word, bags are just like a big mirror through which you can know much more about women. There are many more topics between women and handbags.