Accessorize With Confidence

Tips and Tricks to enhance your personal Style

Unlike our mothers and grandmothers perhaps did as they got older, we in these days do not need to give up following the fashion albeit it is simply a different style of dressing for the Mature Woman.

Mature Ladies Fashion can be enhanced with the immense variety of accessories available now and with a little creativity you can assemble your unique style.

Have you ever looked at the fantastic accessories that are around today but thought no they are not for me. Think again. There is no limit to how many outfits can be enhanced with a simple scarf, pashmina, a brooch, bracelets and necklaces.

Thank goodness for costume jewellery, it can make a plain outfit into a stunning one in a few seconds and very often, the pieces are so cleverly made that they look like the real thing.

There are so many beautiful items on offer but it is wise to choose carefully. In order to achieve stylish dressing, the rule is 'Less is more'.

Take for instance the little black dress, on it's own it is but very plain and possibly even draining to your complexion next to the bare skin, but embellished with a scarf in a colour that suits you, it can transform the whole outfit to something special.

However, caution, never overdress and hang yourself full of virtually the whole shop. That would be counterproductive to great appearance.

Mature Ladies Fashion offers countless ideas and variations on how to enhance and personalise outfits.

Look at the simple ways in which a scarf can be folded and adapted which can add an even more personal touch. If you want to follow the women who have style, study their dress sense.

Look for instance at a simple little Chanel suit. It can be black or cream, but the fact that the edges of the Jacket are in a contrasting colour makes it classy. Teamed up with a blouse to match the colour of the edging and you have the perfect elegant outfit. Good material does make a difference so when choosing clothes, it is best to pay a little more for good quality, it will definitely be worth it.

When wearing Coats and Jackets, it is a good idea to attach a funky brooch on the collar or put a silk kerchief through the button hole and this simple trick will make a plain garment stand out.

Little tricks like this make all the difference and set you apart from the crowd. A pair of nice earrings also always convey a certain style. Nothing too grand and flashy of course, it also shows that you are making an effort with your appearance which if you want to achieve style, goes a long way towards that and you will gain respect.

Style and Fashion are part of a creative field which offers unlimited possibilities with just a little practice and flair which can easily be developed by paying close attention to what suits you, choose carefully with colours, dress styles to suit your shape and the right accessories and you will soon become very confident about your own unique dress code.